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PostSubject: Hei Yan   Hei Yan EmptyMon Aug 26, 2013 11:45 pm

Basic Character Information:

Name: 龍黑煙 Long, Hei Yan
Age: 20
Gender: Male

In most cases, as is natural of beings that rely primarily on their sight as the first sense in recognizing the world around them, the initial observation of a person – apart from their general body height and stature – would be that of their hair and eye color. And should anyone fitting of such stereotype lay eyes on this particular individual, they will no doubt be in slight confusion at the startling visuals of Hei Yan. Standing at approximately 5’9, and weighing about 140 lbs, Hei Yan is neither slight nor stocky, with a perfect build and toned, athletic body worthy of praise. Not overly stocked up on unnecessary bulging muscles, he is instead lean and agile, a fact that contributes to his speed in battle. But perfect figure aside, it is his heterochromatic hair and eyes that either makes people do a double or triple take, or result in curious stares. Pure, snow white hair falls down in straight, long streaks against the right side of his face, while the opposite side is ink-black, void of any light or color. He leaves his hair long – often tying it into a simple ponytail – and never seems to mind the stray strands that float in front of his face. Adding to the straightness of his evenly split-colored hair are his different colored eyes, a startling scarlet red eye contrasting with the snowy white of his hair on the right side of his face, while a gentle lilac colored eye is obscured by the darkness of his black hair on the left side of his face. He had been born with this odd, split appearance, and doesn’t seem to mind it himself, even if he does get strange looks from those around him. Clothing-wise, he prefers to wear simple attire, sometimes going with a more traditional dark blue kimono, while at other times, he dons a more modern outfit of a simple black shirt and jeans. Even going into battle he will wear one of his usual outfits, preferring not to be weighed down by armour and other protective gear.

Much like his bizarre appearance, Hei’s personality is quite the unsolved mystery to outsiders. He appears to portray the symptoms of someone with a split personality disorder, but that is not the case at all. A meticulous and calculating individual, this man has built up a façade so deeply intertwined with his soul that it is almost impossible to shatter, and completely incomprehensible to others. He has purposefully split himself into two different personas; yin and yang, if a name must be used to describe it. Just as how yin and yang are not opposing forces, but complementary elements of which mingle together to ensure the existence of an alternate form, Hei's one true personality can be related to that greater alternate form, while his yin and yang personalities merely exist to further compliment his traits.


Alternate personalities aside, Hei himself is a moderate “in-between” of the two personalities – aka his “true self”. The mastermind behind the two personalities that he has created himself; it is this true self that has perfect control over his yin and yang personas. He is able to freely switch between the two, though to others, he likes to act as though he has no control over it in order to throw off their guard. There are several things that are common between all personalities – such likes, dislikes, and other interests reflect the real Hei. He has an undying love for nearly every kind of existing foods, and also likes to indulge himself in alcoholic spirits. Hei holds no qualms about taking the life of others, and is completely fine with pretending to grow close to someone only to kill them the next moment.

Rank Information:

Rank:  Captain
Nation: Born in the Fire Nation, currently a rogue bender.
Organization: ---
Bending Element: Fire
Specialty: Tracker

Skill Information:

Special Characteristics:


Note: All techniques (with the exception of the the General Fire Manipulation) is custom and reserved for private use. Similar techniques may exist and be made in the future, but exact copies are not tolerated unless permission is obtained from me.

Specialty skills:


Type: Custom Combat Pet [ steal and die ]
Name: Zephyr
Species: Shapeshifting Feline
Element: ---
Kitten Form:

All Forms:

Generally, Zephyr is a white cat with lilac-colored eyes, but will take on the standard features of whatever form she's in (ie. In Speed form, she will have the standard black spots of a cheetah).

Zephyr is a shapeshifter, limited to only feline forms. Currently, she is able to take the form of six different types of felines, each reserved for a specific use or purpose. A combat pet companion to Hei Yan, she normally acts as backup instead of his actual partner in battle, as she herself cannot manipulate any elements. Having a telepathy link only to the owner she is loyal to, she can speak telepathically with Hei, while to outsiders, she prefers to act as a normal cat and speak through a series of meows, purrs, growls and hisses.
Special Abilities:
It was the innocence of a young kitten who lacked a fear for Hei's bloodlust that touched the man's heart at age 15. At that age, Hei had already been accustomed to taking the life of others, and spared not pity even for the innocents nearby. But after one particularly bloody encounter with some foot soldiers at the edge of Fire Nation territory, in which Hei sat at the scene bloodied and barely conscious, it was a pure white kitten that approached him and nudged at his hand, completely unafraid of the fact that the sight and scent of fresh blood was everywhere. Although his hand automatically shifted to his weapon, Hei found himself hesitated, meeting the kitten's innocent gaze with his own mismatched eyes.

It wasn't until a year later, after he had accepted the kitten's companionship, that he discovered that Zephyr was no ordinary cat. Out of the blue, a voice spoke in his head telepathically, and it was then that he began learning about Zephyr's skills (at the time, Zephyr only had the bobcat and cheetah forms). Zephyr herself had no ideas as to her origins, having woken up one day with only her name and abilities intact. Spending the next four years training together, Zephyr began discovering her other forms and started working to improve them.


Name: 夜龍 - Yè Lóng - Midnight Dragon
Appearance: [x]
Range: Blade Length - 70 cm
Rank: Standard blade
Special Abilities: No elemental abilities. The katana is usually used for slashing motions as opposed to stabbing or puncturing, and can cause wounds up to two inches deep - in locations such as a jugular vein, this will prove fatal. In fine condition, it will take a lot to damage the blade, and it cannot be exposed to fire for long periods of time without retaining damage.
Origin: The black katana is a skilfully forged blade made by a renowned blacksmith from the standard Japanese steel "Tamahagane". It was obtained by Hei at age seventeen, and it is the only weapon that he has used ever since.

History and RP Sample:
An End; A Beginning:

Child of Fire:

White Vengeance:
Rp Sample:
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PostSubject: Re: Hei Yan   Hei Yan EmptyWed Aug 28, 2013 5:45 pm

On invisibility, HEAT DOESN'T REMOVE LIGHT; destroy. So change that. At least in the sense you are using it.
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Nikki Z
Nikki Z

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PostSubject: Re: Hei Yan   Hei Yan EmptyWed Aug 28, 2013 9:11 pm

I can't read, approveed
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Hei Yan
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